Dr Zenzen 1636 Riesling

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1636 Riesling

A great new addition to our range and tremendous value for money, this is a classic Mosel Riesling from the excellent 2015 vintage which was described by “Mosel Maestro” Ernst Loosen as a near perfect vintage

Vineyard techniques

This Riesling is made in the classic Mosel style, a lovely balance between ripe fruit sweetness and zingy, racy, fresh acidity. The wine has been fermented to a finished alcohol of 11%, so it’s slightly drier than typical Mosel Riesling which is usually 8.5%, but that makes this a better wine to drink with food as well as a lovely light, refreshing aperitif wine. The term Hochgewachs, pronounced “Hok – Geh – Vix” is a higher quality level up from standard QBA, literal translation means higher growth, to qualify a wine must have at least 10 degrees more ripeness than the standard Qba which must be at least 50-72 degrees

Winery Notes

Dr Zenzen were founded in 1636, hence the name of the wine, 380 odd years later the firm is still a family business run by Dr Peter ZenZen along with his wife Regina

Tasting Notes

Delicious on it’s own as an aperitif, but also an excellent match with Asian seafood dishes such as spicy squid or sweet and sour dishes, soft shell crabs and all manner of sushi.

Key Selling Arguments

Silver Medal Winner - Sommelier Wine Awards 2017
1636 Riesling


Sommelier Wine Awards 2017 Silver Medal

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