The wine industry can get very complicated at times and on most occasions, unnecessarily. In life, it’s the simple things that work best so we want to work with our clients to create straightforward yet effective solutions. We are a lean operation with in-depth industry knowledge built over decades of experience. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly react to market changes. We value our partner’s needs and understand the requirement for transparency and effective channel management.


CellarVino was established in 1999 as a composite wholesaler serving the local independent drinks trade. However, founder Amrik Binning, soon realised the growth potential in the UK wine sector and quickly set about to develop a range of private label wines which meant finding a whole raft of collaborators, including of course suppliers. It was an inspired decision, with the company quickly creating a portfolio of products in demand throughout the length and breadth of the UK. 

Over the years, we have expanded significantly and developed our own labels from all the major wine growing countries, including France, Italy, Australia, and Chile. Whatever their geographical source, though, all these wines have one thing in common, incredible quality at highly competitive price points. 


The business is now headed by Ishwinder Binning, second generation family member and our aim is to continue to build on our core values of passion and integrity whilst learning and improving our business. To remain open to new ideas and evolving our product range to match the ever changing demands of the UK wine consumer. We will continue to invest in our business and further enhance our synergies with our sister companies.


Our deep understanding of all sectors of the UK wine trade allows us to create brands specially designed for each market. Owning our own brands gives us control over the routes to market; you won’t find any of our on-trade exclusive wines in any supermarket. Effective channel management and transparency with our partners is fundamental to our business.

We don’t have profit hungry shareholders to adhere to or financial commitments to banks – what drives us are our enthusiasm for the wine trade and our 20 years of experience in the UK drinks market. 

We differ from our competitors. We offer total and unequivocal support to our partners, from flexible credit terms, competitive pricing to point of sale material and promotional support.

Our aim is to deal with any issue, whether it be currency fluctuations or shortages in wine supplies, with sensible and honest solutions. We work directly with wine producers across the world ensuring a lean yet agile supply chain. We have invested in Verran Freight who with their fleet of 40 vehicles and state of the art 125,000 sq. ft warehouse in Oxfordshire, distribute to all our partners across the United Kingdom. 

Message from Villenoir

We love what we do, importing quality wine to our clients without the hassle of risk, currency, logistics and preferential account terms.